The company

LIMPEMED S.L, as a company, has a team of advisors who directly deal with our clients and cleaning teams on a daily basis. Thanks to the members Jesús and Cristina, who's dedication has been so important to us, and Alejandro and Gemma, who make our day to day business easier and help us develop our market with an outstanding professional attitude.

CALLOSA DE SEGURA: Avd. Constitución nº 51 – 1º B
TORREVIEJA: c/ Ramón Gallud, nº 87 – 1ª Pta.

We would also like to thank SEGURLAB, a labour risk prevention company that helps us keep up to date with the latest health and safety standards, and making sure that all our workers are adequately protected.

We also have our own AXA Insurance Agent, Dña. Fini Yuste, who keeps us informed of everything related to our obligatory insurance policies, keeping us always up to date.

We are part of the Grupo ABRALIA, GESTION@, as providers, where our clients can consult all our up to date company documentation, including our tax obligations.

Finally, we would like to mention our renovated staff, now on its second generation, and especially Virginia, who at only 25, proves to us day to day her energy and her dedication to Limpemed. With 5 years experience in a high responsability post.

One of the guarantees that endorse our service is our commitment to finalising all our jobs on time, which for our clients, and our company is of vital importance.